Civic Federation

Website Development

In December of 2008, I began work on overhauling the Civic Federation‘s proprietary and outdated content management system. The CMS worked well, but did not allow for incorporation of social media tools, required extensive HTML programming to make any changes, and could not support blogs or other easily-updated informational databases. The new website as planned would address all those concerns and provide a firm launching pad for the organization’s online-based public policy research.

This project required me to:

  • Conceptualize and design the underlying website structure;
  • Scout, interview, and select a web developer;
  • Work with the web developer to further hone the website design;
  • Write and edit most website copy; and
  • Complete detailed beta-testing and website edits prior to launch

The 2003-2009 Civic Federation Website

The new Drupal-based website, which was designed and programmed by Sandbox Studios of Chicago, launched on July 17, 2009. I was responsible for most of the project-management, editing, and beta-testing duties.

The New Civic Federation Website, Launched July 2009.

The new website features two regularly-updated blogs, a library section that hosts all of the Federation’s more recent research documents, a press room that highlights media coverage of the Federation, and an “Issues” page that profiles the various aspects of the Federation’s research.

Writing and Editing

While at the Civic Federation, I was responsible for developing large amounts of regular content about local and state government issues.

Read through a selection of that work below:

2010 Civic Federation Annual Report

I wrote and edited a majority of content for the Federation’s latest annual report, including the sections describing the organization’s accomplishments and publications.

Civic Federation: Winter 2011 IIFS Newsletter

A distillation of recent activities of the Federation’s Illinois-oriented institute.

Civic Federation: Quinn Ends Seniors Ride Free

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn ends a controversial and costly program.

Civic Federation: Future Effects of P.A. 96-0889 on CPS Pension System

Recent legislation to lessen pension funding demands may backfire in the very near future.

Civic Federation: What Governor Quinn’s Infusion of Capital Cash Means for the CTA

The Chicago Transit Agency expects to receive a much-needed sum of cash from the Illinois government. What does this mean for the CTA?

Civic Federation: Annual Luncheon Wrap-Up

The Civic Federation’s annual luncheon gala recognizes Chicago civic and business leaders for their accomplishments.

Civic Federation: Civic Federation Blog Provides Rapid Response Analysis

The Civic Federation blog has provided a constant source of news and analysis about fiscal issues in Chicago and Illinois.