Articles and Publications


Illinois Applied Research Institute Overview Booklet

Promotional brochure for a University of Illinois tech startup. I led the production of this piece, which was designed by an outside agency as part of a complete branding campaign. Learn more about my ARI work here.

Illinois Applied Research Institute Sandia Press Release

Announcement of a relationship between the University of Illinois and Sandia National Laboratories.


Ten Speed Hero: Gravel Metric – Edge of a Razor

Sometimes taking a tangle with danger and peril is a good thing.

Gapers Block: The Patron Saint of Cyclocross

A profile of the Evanston-based Pony Shop bicycle shop and its owner Lou Kuhn.

Gapers Block: Photographing with Nails and Bleach

A profile of Chicago-based photographer and artist Curtis Mann.

Gapers Block: Faster, Higher, Stronger (or Just Faster)

Tips for the amateur athlete from one of cycling’s top champions.

The Super Tempo: Tools

A bicycle is a lot like a tool, except when it isn’t.

Government Research

2010 Civic Federation Annual Report

I wrote and edited a majority of content for the Civic Federation‘s latest annual report, including the sections describing the organization’s accomplishments and publications.

Civic Federation: Winter 2011 IIFS Newsletter

A distillation of recent activities of the Federation’s Illinois-oriented research institute.

Civic Federation: Quinn Ends Seniors Ride Free

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn ends a controversial and costly program.

Civic Federation: Future Effects of P.A. 96-0889 on CPS Pension System

Recent legislation to lessen pension funding demands may backfire in the very near future.

Civic Federation: What Governor Quinn’s Infusion of Capital Cash Means for the CTA

The Chicago Transit Agency expects to receive a much-needed sum of cash from the Illinois government. What does this mean for the CTA?

Civic Federation: Annual Luncheon Wrap-Up

The Civic Federation’s annual luncheon gala recognizes Chicago civic and business leaders for their accomplishments.

Civic Federation: Civic Federation Blog Provides Rapid Response Analysis

The Civic Federation blog has provided a constant source of news and analysis about fiscal issues in Chicago and Illinois.