University of Nevada, Reno

I worked at the University of Nevada, Reno from November 2011 to June 2013 as a Web Communications Specialist for various units across the campus including the University’s College of Business, Human Resources, Graduate School, and labs and offices under the oversight of the Vice President of Research. My work for those units comprised of efforts to integrate their respective websites into the University’s Ingeniux content management system while overhauling their branding and marketing messaging. Components of this work included the following:

  • Determining audiences and audience needs (students, faculty, alumni, the general public, and public officials)
  • Striking a balance between the unique needs of those audiences and the production of an efficient, cohesive website environment
  • Making significant overhauls of each organizations’ information architecture schema and considering accessibility and usability needs
  • Development of new marketing and website copy and content
  • Visual identity production, including photo shoots, graphic design and development of supporting collateral materials
  • Comprehensive usability testing and training
  • Launch and post-launch quality assurance
  • Continued technical support and content editing as well as revisions based on unanticipated outcomes or issues

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